homeschool alone.

Are you looking for a better homeschool experience?

Do you want to learn what it takes to succeed as a homeschool parent?

Wish you had a homeschool mentor to be there when you need help?

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Build a solid foundation to homeschool with confidence, committment, and conviction!!!

Learn the teaching techniques and best practices

veteran homeschool parents know and practice!!

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Learn what to teach

Learn how to teach

Learn when to teach


You will learn the basic foundations of what to teach and how to teach any year and any child. Learn simple and easy-to-follow steps that make teaching enjoyable and meaningful.

You will be equipped to make informed decisions that meet the needs of your family. Gone are the days when homeschooling was unheard of, and no one knew anything about it. Homeschooling today is easier and more convenient than ever!


You will learn the basic foundations of how child psychology, educational philosophies, learning styles, instructional techniques, success criteria, effective communication, and behavior management help you create a purpose-driven homeschool.

Say goodbye to all the fear, overwhelm, and confusion! Say HELLO to family fun memories and numerous intellectual milestones that you get to experience with your children!

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No more fear

Good bye overwhelm

Hello meaningful interaction with your kids

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Make learning an experience

Build good habits

Watch kids succeed


You will learn the basic foundations of making your overall homeschool experience meaningful, memorable, and satisfying long term. Learn the habits that help parents and children overcome frustration and disappointment.

Your kids will graduate with the skills they need to succeed as independent and caring adults because they were able to learn at their own pace and follow their interests with the support of loving parents.

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6 Learning Modules

This course builds a solid foundation for homeschool parents in the teaching techniques and homeschool practices that make homeschooling enjoyable, memorable, and satisfying. Topics such as homeschooling philosophies, legal requirements, child psychology, learning styles, instructional routines, success criteria, effective communication, and behavior management will be covered. Emphasis is placed on what to teach, how to teach, and when to teach any subject any year.  Parents will be able to make informed decisions that meet the needs of their family, overcome doubt, overwhelm, or confusion about homeschooling, and establish a purpose-driven home that graduates focused, independent, and caring children.


Course Introduction

This section is all about education in general and how it benefits children who are learning from home. You’ll learn about the parent’s potential to homeschool, how to love homeschooling long term, a brief history of homeschooling in America and more. This will provide you with the background knowledge you need to value homeschool education and its unique purpose.


Planning & Preparation

This part of the course is designed to give you an understanding about homeschooling legally, what philosophies and methodologies are common in education, how you can plan a whole year of teaching in less than a week, just to name a few. You’ll have the foundation you need to start homeschooling the right way from the very beginning.


Skills-Based Subjects

In this module, the simple teaching methods for language arts and math will be taught in-depth. Not only will reading, writing, and math subjects be covered, but the routines for the components of each subject will be emphasized. You will have the skills you need to teach these subjects using simple resources created and designed specifically for you to use in this course.


Knowledge-Based Subjects

Similar to the previous module, this section covers the simple teaching routines of science and social studies designed to be used every year regardless of what topics you teach in these subjects or what grade level it is. You will be able to use these methods with your children to directly teach them how to be self-directed learners.


Elective Subjects

When it comes to elective subjects, the opportunities are endless. Elective subjects are a great way to expand beyond academics and into life skills. Electives can even replace certain skill-based and knowledge-based subjects. In this part of the course, you will learn how to incorporate creative arts and business subjects into your homeschool!


Success Criteria

This module covers topics related to what homeschooling feels like and sounds like in a well-managed home. Find out what makes you a successful homeschool parent. I will teach you several ways you can make children feel loved and accepted. Learn to intentionally lead children through circumstances that make them focused and accomplished. Discover how to manage the behavior and decision-making processes of children.


Course Offerings

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...that give you the helpful resources you need for record-keeping, graduation, the first day of homeschool, and more.

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Membership Support the Facebook support group to collaborate with other course members about their experience with this course and to get peer help.

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...every month for a year and weekly email support. I'll be like a close friend close by to answer questions in a timely fashion.

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Access the course where you will learn how to teach all the subjects in all the grades as if you went to college to be a professional teacher.


Unique features that make this course

different from any other course out there.

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Teaching Routines

I explain how to teach each subject using a routine or pattern of practices where students are building on their knowledge and skills over time. There are no grade levels in my system, only achievement levels. When a child achieves one level, they move on to the next.

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I teach a set of repetitive steps that flexibly increase in depth and complexity over time. I will teach you how to help students follow these steps independently and with automaticity. This method helps children meet and usually exceed state standards. They will make you proud!

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Meaningful Activity

I also teach you how to balance academic subject time with meaningful activities that supplement academics. Learn to incorporate time for learning practical skills in creative arts and business. Don’t wait until high school to teach life skills for the marketplace.

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Family unity is one of the most important aspects of teaching at home. I teach you how to explore various habits that make your family atmosphere pleasant and meaningful. I show you how you can enrich your homeschool experience and family relationships.

Get started today

Our product is invaluable. Learn how to teach subjects, what skills to focus on, how to balance academic time, and how to create a positive and satisfying family atmosphere. This course includes:

Short Video Lessons

Downloadable Assignments

Helpful Homeschool Resources

Access on mobile

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Hi, I am Raquel Werk

Educator, Entrepreneur, Course Creator

I have a bachelor's degree in education and a master’s degree in education, but out of all those years of college and thousands of dollars later, there were only a few select things that I used: my training in reading techniques, research methods, and math strategies. Those few trainings set me up for success as a classroom teacher and homeschool educator.

When I started homeschooling my two children and 15 other homeschool children in my home, never once did I struggle to decide how to do it, what to teach, or whether I was being successful at it or not. It was easy for me. I had an advantage and it wasn't because I live in Maui (JK - LOL)!! ;)

I take all my training, knowledge, and experience from 20+ years of teaching and teach new homeschool parents how to homeschool in short, succinct, and simple-to-follow lessons. You don't need a college degree or teaching certificate. My Framed for Success Teaching System will give you the tools you need to become a professional homeschool educator!!

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You have questions.

We have answers.

How long does the course take to complete?

This course takes about 40 hours to complete, including watching the video lessons and completing the assignments. You can spread out the time or skip around in the lessons to complete the ones most pertinent to your situation. You could start homeschooling in one week. I can show you how!!!

Is there a refund policy?

I'm sorry to say, there is no refund at this time. It's important that you read the information on the page and watch the 30 minute video to make sure you are ready and committed.

If you want a peek into how I teach and what kinds of things I teach, get access to my free 60 minute video on an Introduction to Homeschooling. Click here.

My system works for new homeschool parents who are new to homeschooling or want the formal training this course provides in how to teach subjects and plan for an effective homeschool experience.

Is this a Christian course?

No. I am a Christian, but I make no reference to God, Christianity, or Jesus. My teaching methods are based on my experience and training. My lessons can be used by anyone from any faith or no faith. I believe a good education is universal and transcendent. An education that focuses on reading skills and critical thinking is invaluable. If you are interested in the Christian perspective of education, I will be creating separate course for that in the future.

Is this course right for me?

This course is right for you if: 1) You are looking for a different educational option for your child, 2) You don’t want your child to go to public school, 3) You will have young children who will be school-age very soon, 4) You have made the decision to homeschool and you have the support you need, 5) You wish you had formal training as a teacher or could hire a homeschool coach, and 6) You enjoy teaching in general and being with your children.



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