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One-on-One Support

Set up a one-on-one phone call with Raquel to ask questions and set up your homeschool.

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Lesson 1 - Introduction to Curriculum

Let me introduce to you the truth about curriculum. I will help you understand curriculum in a way that gives you a solid foundation for thinking about curriculum and equips you to choose curriculum that can fit into any homeschool style.

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Lesson 2 - Components of Curriculum

This lesson will help you see all the things you can learn in each subject. Learn the difference between skill-based subjects and knowledge-based-subjects. You will be able to see the big picture of subject and chose the topics that fit your schedule.

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Lesson 3 - Weekly Planning Schedule

This lesson will help you decide what your schedule is going to be like. I will show you different ways to plan your lessons. You will see how you have the freedom to decide how much time you spend on each of your life activities.

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Lesson 4 - Yearly Planning Schedule

In this lesson, I will cover how you can take an entire curriculum and plan out how you can get through the whole curriculum or pick and choose which parts you will skip so it fits into your entire year. Time is limited and you won't always be able to get through it all.

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Lesson 5 - Daily Planning Schedule

The purpose of the daily plan is to prepare for which routines will be utilized on which times and days. I cover plans to include multiple grade levdels and multiple subjects in one day, two grade levels and multiple subjects in one day, or one grade and multiple subjects in a day.

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Lesson 6 - Homeschool Routines Preparation

Some people think a routine is something you do every day repetitively, but does it have to be that way? My idea of a routine in the homeschool context is the most powerful principle I teach. I will teach you how to make your routines more free, more enjoyable, more meaningful, and more uplifting.

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Lesson 7 - Homeschool Routines Introduction

In this lesson, I will explain each routine and how it works. Learn the morning routine, spelling routine, reading routine, writing routine, math routine, lunch routine, afternoon routine, free time routine, dinner routine, and bedtime routine. As you learn these routines, you will see how they can inspire you toward creating your own routines.

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Your homeschool,

Your way

If you knew that you could accomplish all that you set out to do, and had it written down on paper, think about how much more you could accomplish.

Homeschooling doesn't always go according to plan, but this planning mini-course teaches you how to plan in a way that fits your family's situation.

Step 1 - Plan what days of the year you will homeschool.

Step 2 - Plan how many hours you want to dedicate to homeschooling on a given day.

Step 3 - Plan which lessons of your curriculum will be taught in each day all throughout the year

Step 4 - Plan what routines you will have and how each one should run

Need More Help?

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