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Wanna get in my homeschool circle?

Do you want to plan your entire year of homeschool with me?

Do you want to learn the teaching techniques that give your child a strong academic foundation without all the frustration and discouragement?

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Homeschool Coach

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I am originally from California and have lived in Hawaii on the island of Maui with my husband and two kids since 1995. I homeschooled my kids and other people's kids in my home for 12 years. I also taught in the classroom in private and public schools for 8 years.

As a veteran homeschool mom, I am currently working as a homeschool teacher to other homeschooled kids, homeschool coach, and online course creator. What makes my experience unique is my 20+ years in using biblical principles in homeschooling, training teachers, and writing curriculum.

I am trained in The Principle Approach® to education with the Foundation for American Christian Education and have a masters degree in Christian curriculum design from Regent University.

My passion for the word of God and love of teaching continues to be the foundation of everything I do. The Bible verse that inspires me is Colossians 2:8, “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the traditions of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”


I'm getting ready for the 2024-2025 school year and I'd love you to join me. This 5-month membership class is for Christian homeschool parents who want help planning curriculum for grades kindergarten to second grade. We will meet online using Google Meet twice a month on Thursdays for an hour at 7am Hawaii Time / 9am Pacific for 5 months from Feb-June. For your convenience, lessons will be recorded. In 10 lessons, I'm going to teach you WHAT to teach, HOW to teach, and WHEN to teach and give you opportunities to implement what you've learned in your homeschool setting. My unique approach to planning is based on biblical principles and best practices that give your child a solid foundation in the Word of God, a love of learning, and strong Christian character.

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Tired of spending so much time looking for the right curriculum? Imagine if you actually had confidence when you are choosing curriculum and knew that what you chose was going to actually work and teach your child to be a deep thinker, able to apply God's word to their studies, and become productive as they learn.

Whether you’ve been thinking about next school year or not, investing in yourself and getting ready early, will take off hours of stress! If you give yourself a long time to set up a school year, that is going to be rewarding! Learn the best practices in teaching children how to learn.

If you think preparing for next year is not that important and teaching your child biblical principles in their education is not that exciting, then think again. Follow my lead! Never again wonder if you're making the right choices for your homeschool.

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  • Session 1 - Feb 8 - Curriculum Planning Part 1 (When to Teach)
  • Session 2 - Feb 22 - Curriculum Planning Part 2 (When to Teach)
  • Session 3 - Mar 7 - Planning Bible, History, & Literature (What to Teach)
  • Session 4 - Mar 21 - Teaching Bible, History, & Literature (How to Teach)
  • Session 5 - Apr 4 - Planning Reading & English Language Arts (What to Teach)
  • Session 6 - Apr 18 - Teaching Reading & English Language Arts (How to Teach)
  • Session 7 - May 2 - Planning Math & Science (What to Teach)
  • Session 8 - May 16 - Teaching Math & Science (How to Teach)
  • Session 9 - Jun 6 - Researching Curriculum
  • Session 10 - Jun 20 - Choosing & Ordering Curriculum


The Benefits and Blessings

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What's included in this program:

  • 10 one-hour live video calls that will be recorded on Google Meet
  • Access to member's group chat and support on Google Classroom
  • Unlimited emails to Raquel for private correspondence and support
  • A fully prepared plan for homeschooling that fits your exact needs and goals
  • Links to all the teaching materials you'll need to buy (no guess work)
  • 30% discount on Raquel's digital teaching resources and online courses
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Special Bonus:

The Biblical Homeschoolers Planner

This 50-page planner is designed to help you write down what subjects and topics you’re going to cover with overviews charts for each subject, how to integrate a biblical worldview with graphic organizer to take ownership of what you're learning, when you're going to homeschool with monthly calendar from July 2024 to June 2025, and much more.

Membership Guarantee

This program is best completed by making a 5-month commitment to automatic recurring payments, but if you want to try it out month by month or decide it's not for you, I will take you off the automatic payments (first payment non-refundable). No questions asked.



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